Born in Tehran in 1977, my name is Mojtabi Arjamand, and my passion for modeling and clothing design ignited when I turned 18. Founding the Jest suit brand at the age of 25, I established three branches of the brand in Tehran. In 2018, I embarked on a new journey by immigrating to Canada, where I fully immersed myself in the fashion industry and embraced Canadian culture. It was during this period that I introduced the Rumi brand to the market. Throughout my career, I have drawn inspiration from the iconic Bijan brand, incorporating its influence into my clothing designs and entrepreneurial ventures.

Fashion can be likened to a powerful wave, sweeping many along its current. While some choose to ride this wave and follow its trends, only a few dare to create their own wave. In this pursuit, one may sometimes find themselves standing alone. However, I have always aspired to be the trailblazer, the originator of this wave. This marks just the beginning of my enduring love affair with fashion, as I believe it is both stylish and fulfilling to chase after and actualize our own dreams.